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Many people prefer the snowblades, rather than the skis, simply because they are much easier to control and sliding down with them brings such pleasure and joy.

The snowblades we are offering in our stores – Ski & Board Traventuria in Bansko and Borovets, are with a length of 90 cm and are brands Elan and Salomon. You can check the prices online and easily make a reservation through the booking form.If you have more questions regarding the ski blades, contact us.

Snowboard was their first name, until Salomon presented their brand as snow blades. Today they are known by several different names – skiboards, short skis or ski blades. Sizes vary from 99 cm, 90 cm to 75 cm. Some popular models are – Elan, Five forty, Salomon. Because of the compact size, turning and stopping is much easier (a bonus for the beginner skiers). That’s the main reason why learning to control them takes less effort, plus it’s a great deal more comfortable to carry them around.

One common element you’ll find in snowblades is twin tips. Skis with twin tips have matching curves in the front and the back of the skis. This gives the rider a lot more versatility. They allow the skier to turn a bit easier without feeling as locked in as they might with a traditional ski. Twin tips also make it a breeze to land or ski backwards. Not all snowblades have twin tips; it’s just very common. Twin tips can also be found in some regular skis. Riding short skis gives you a sense of greater liberation and makes you feel more confident compared to the traditional ski or snowboard. The blades have that skate-like feel and are a nice way to enjoy your time in the mountains. 


Try that alternative experience for a day or two and if it is not your thing, you can always switch them up for a board or longer skis.