Ski Touring

ski touring in bansko

Enjoy a winter fairy tale up in the mountains with ski touring

Ski Touring in Bansko from Bansko Ski Shop

Ski Touring in Bansko

Bansko winter resort offers excellent conditions for ski touring. Ski & Board Traventuria Bansko – Bansko Ski Shop offers a variety of models of touring skis for rent.

Ski Touring

Ski touring is an exciting snow activity that allows you to ski both on and off piste, thus making you more independent from using ski lifts. Touring skis are unique, because you not only can go down hill but up hill as well!

While downhill ski touring is similar to alpine skiing, for the uphill ski touring special “skins” are required which prevent you from sliding backwards. Skins are attached to the bottom of the touring skis, thus making climbing easier.

If you still haven’t, here are 3 reasons why getting into ski touring
  • Ski touring gets you back to the roots of skiing: Skiing was once developed as a means of transportation through the deep snow.
  • Skiing in the best snow: Ski touring allows to find great off-track pistes
  • Skiing in the backcountry: Ski touring takes you far from the busy world and the crowded slopes of the winter resorts.
Touring Ski Hire

Ski & Board Traventuria (Bansko Ski Shop – see map HERE) offers different models of touring skis for rent. Traventuria’s ski and board gear is manufactured by top brands such as Völkl and Dynastar. To guarantee a high-quality experience every season we renew ⅓ of the ski pairs with new ones. Book online at a discounted price! Save up to 35% of the price on spot.

If you have never tried ski touring before and you are curious about it, select our VIP upgrade when booking your ski package. It will allow you to swap between different ski models (including touring skis) every day! Click HERE for more information.

Skiing downhill with touring skis is similar to alpine skiing, so previous experience is not mandatory if you do ski. Climbing is more difficult to master and requires good physical condition. Our friendly staff will give you a short instruction on how to attach the skins during the equipment fitting.

Check our multi-day guided ski touring experiences HERE (you will be redirected to our corporate website).