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  • Great variety of boards & boots

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  • Great variety of boards & boots

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* Dates of skiing are usually different than arrival and departure dates.

Snowboard Hire For Adults

130 – 171 cm

Price per day in Euro1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days
Well-maintained boards for budgeted riders. 10.0019.8028.2034.7027.6031.50
Best-selling class with boards suitable for all kind of terrain. 12.52537.55041.2046
Highest class and newest boards ideal for demanding and experienced snowboarders. 2242587762.5075
ADD BOOTSSize: mondo: 230/EU 36 – mondo 340/EU 523.255.206.509.7012.9016.15

Snowboard Hire For JUNIORS

95 – 135 cm

Price per day in Euro1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days
For the young riders, who are still improving. The boards will be maximum of 2 years old.7.2012.0018.0022.2026.4036.20
For the experienced and demanding young boarders. The boards will be no more than a year old.10.4020.8029.3035.8042.3050.40
ADD BOOTSSize: mondo 155 – 195 EU 25 – 312.604.806.208.9011.2013.80

4* Middle

Flexible and well maneuverable snowboards for those who start their riding on the board. Refurbished and well-maintained equipment not more than 2 years (or 100 rental days) old. Boards appropriate for every level rider but aimed at those on a budget. Examples: Elan RS Rocker

5* Golden

For riders who are comfortable on all types of slope and snow conditions. High-quality boards that flow like water on any terrain and boost your ability to ride faster, ollie higher, and carve with more finesse. ‘All mountain’ and ‘freestyle’ models available. Examples: Elan Explore R, HEAD ROCKA 4D, Burton Radius, Matrix Syco

6* Prime

Blasting through the snow boards for expert riders designed to handle all the punishment you can throw at it, eat it all up and come back wanting more. Examples: K2 Rental, Burton Progression, Salomon Wild Card

4* Rookie

Mini power, mini passion, mega fun. Ready for progression, the perfect solution for getting the small ones on the snow and up the lift. Easy to manage on all snow types but great for green and blue slopes. Examples: HEAD Rowdy JR (Kids), FiveForty Fantasy (Junior)

5* Champion

Forgiving boards for young riders of all ability levels - great for beginners as well as park kids. Champ boards offer smooth, stable, and playful performance that makes easy work of the entire trail map. Examples: Elan Universe (Kids), Salomon Liberty (Junior)